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To provide you with timely, effective, professional and standardized services, your satisfaction is our pleasure.


Improve reputation with service

We focus on customer benefits, service as the core, and create cost-effective products for our customers.


Service System


From equipment selection to capacity optimization to maintenance, professional project managers track the entire process to provide technical support and avoid risks.

Service Network


The company's products have been exported to more than 20 countries including the United States, Canada, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and South Africa.



Provide you with detailed equipment maintenance knowledge and various maintenance techniques.

Customer training


For your detailed explanation of product performance, operating specifications, maintenance knowledge, etc., to ensure that the equipment maintains a good working condition and exerts work efficiency.



Tree quality brand, create quality service

In the fierce market competition, we must always focus on customers, always focus on customers, and strive to change from "providing customers with products that meet their needs" to "providing customers with expectations, even beyond expectations." The product".

Our service objectives: no complaints about product quality, no complaints from customer service


It truly reflects the company's "customer first" purpose and philosophy. Use our "heart, enthusiasm, sincerity" in exchange for the user's "satisfaction, comfort, peace of mind."

Service standards: enthusiasm, thoughtful, timely and effective

We provide quality services to our customers through a standardized marketing management system, a sound customer service charter, and a systematic service process.