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MBR seat type (disc feeder)

Hotline: 86-513-88812579

Uses and Features

ZMBR, MBR heavy-duty disc feeder is a kind of volumetric feeding (batch) equipment, which is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, coal, building materials and power industries. , Stable and reliable operation, large load capacity, easy adjustment, wide adjustment range, convenient maintenance and management, large discharge outlet connected to the bin, convenient installation and material discharge.

ZMBR and MBR heavy-duty disc feeders are mounted on a base, the transmission structure is closed, and they can work in a dusty working environment. They have the advantages of large bearing capacity and long maintenance intervals. Because it can withstand the large pressure of the material column, it is usually directly installed in the lower part of the silo to feed other equipment.

Compared with other domestic disc feeders, it has the following characteristics:

1) Special heavy-duty disc is adopted, with large bearing capacity and a service life of more than 10 years;

2) set the scraper device with adjustable angle to transfer the material to the next equipment;

3) Equipped with a variable frequency motor, it can adjust the size of the food steplessly during the operation of the equipment;

4) The cutter is equipped on the disc to prevent it from being unloaded smoothly due to long-term solidification of the material;

5) Wet-type disc feeder can be used in places where the material is corrosive;

6) The overall structure of the equipment is compact, the layout is reasonable, and the space is small;

7) Reliable transmission mechanism, simple maintenance and long maintenance period;

8) All adopt hard-tooth surface gear transmission, the transmission efficiency is over 90%;

9) The small bevel gear and the large bevel gear are placed in a closed body, and are lubricated with high-quality medium and extreme pressure gear oil to ensure trouble-free operation of the disc;

10) The inner wall of the adjusting sleeve is provided with a wear-resistant lining, which greatly extends its service life and reduces maintenance;

11) The discharge gate is equipped with a transmission mechanism to ensure that the discharge amount can be adjusted steplessly;

12) In order to prevent the material from wearing the disc, there are three types of liners for users to choose:

A) wear-resistant cast stone liner;

B) steel plate tray with grid ribs;

C) 45Mn2 wear-resistant material;

13) Adopt advanced frequency conversion motor as power. When used with the frequency converter, it can realize stepless adjustment of the feeding amount under normal working conditions. The inverter has the functions of wide speed range, high control accuracy, stable operation and self-protection, which can ensure the long-term stable operation of the entire system.

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