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ZZF, DZF series vibratory ore drawing machines



ZZF, DZF series vibratory ore drawing machines

Hotline: 86-513-88812579


This vibrating ore-sinking machine is organized and designed by the National Mining System Construction Network of the National Metallurgical System Design Institute. , Shenyang Aluminum and Magnesium Design and Research Institute, Kunming Nonferrous Metallurgy Design and Research Institute, Shandong Province Metallurgical Design and Research Institute, etc. jointly completed and authorized our factory to exclusively produce at designated locations.


This series of vibrating mining machine is suitable for chute, stope, chute and mine (storage) where the ambient temperature does not exceed + 40 ℃ and the relative humidity of the air is not more than 90%. It is an ideal equipment for factories, mining enterprises for rock, material release, feeding or loading. Various mining carts, automobiles, trains, belts, ropeway hoppers, mine hoisting and loading, and some jaw crushers can be used. A series of vibrating mining machines give mines.

Special point

This series of vibration mining machine has the following characteristics;

1. Small size, light weight, simple and compact structure, low investment;

2. Convenient installation, small maintenance and low running cost;

3. Due to the increased fluidity of the vibrated ore material and reducing the channel blocking phenomenon, the mining capacity is large and the efficiency is high;

4. The vibrated mine flow is continuous, uniform and easy to control. The size of the mine flow can be adjusted as required, and the operation is safe and reliable.

5. Work in the super-resonant state, the amplitude is stable, and the frequency can be started (the number of starts ≤ 200 times / hour), allowing the load on the vibration table to fluctuate greatly, and it is suitable for various ore rocks, especially viscous ore materials. It is strong and can work in dusty or watery environments.

6. This series of vibrating mining machine consumes less power and saves energy significantly;

7. This series of vibrating mining machines can be used where the loose weight of the ore material is not more than 2400 kg / m3, and the block size is not more than 1000 mm or less than 1000 mm up to the fine ore.

In addition, this general design summarizes the domestic experience in designing, producing and using vibration mining machines for many years, and considers various conditions of use. The series has a complete spectrum and a wide coverage.

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