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The company's products are widely used in metallurgy, mining, power, coal, building materials, sand, chemical, light industry, scientific research and other industries and sectors.


GZG, GZGF series automatic synchronous inertial vibrating feeder



GZG, GZGF series automatic synchronous inertial vibrating feeder

Hotline: 86-513-88812579

Uses and characteristics

GZG, GZGF series self-synchronous inertial vibration feeders are widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, building materials, light industry, chemical industry, power, food and other industries to remove block, granular and powdery materials from storage silos. Or the funnel is fed to the receiving device uniformly continuously or quantitatively. For example, feeding and batching to crushing, coal preparation, screening, transportation, packaging machinery, etc. The GZG series feeder is a common trough type, which is used to feed materials without special requirements. The GZGF series feeder is a closed trough feeder, which is used to feed larger dust and volatile materials.

The inertial vibration feeder can be equipped with a reverse control brake control box. This control box can make the feeder stop quickly in a short time, so that the feeder can quickly pass through the resonance zone. In addition, it also has the functions of over-current, over-voltage, and phase failure protection. It can also increase the energy consumption braking according to user requirements. Compared with the equipment, it has the following characteristics:

1. Small size, light weight, simple and compact structure; 2. Easy installation and maintenance, low operating costs; 3. High efficiency, large feeding capacity; 4. Low noise, which is conducive to improving the working environment; 5. Small power consumption, High power factor; 6, the equipment works in a far-over-resonance state, so the amplitude is stable, the operation is reliable, and the adaptability to various materials is strong; 7, after adding a motor speed regulator without adjusting the eccentric block can be easily The level adjusts the feeding amount.

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