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The company's products are widely used in metallurgy, mining, power, coal, building materials, sand, chemical, light industry, scientific research and other industries and sectors.


YKR Circular Vibrating Screen



YKR Circular Vibrating Screen

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Hotline: 86-513-88812579

Main Uses and Service Conditions:

This series of screens are in circular motion and are used for product classification in coal, metallurgy, mining and other departments. The screening machine is featured by a strong processing capacity, a high screening efficiency, reasonable technical parameters, a high structural strength and rigidity, reliable operation, low noise and convenient maintenance.

Structural Characteristics:

The drive screen adopts a petal coupling and a flexible disk coupling which are simple in structure and easy to manufacture and maintain, thus overcoming the defect that the universal coupling is easy to damage. The vibrator adopts a block eccentric structure and has a simple structure; the feeding box can be matched and selected, the feeding box increases the effective screening area of the vibrating screen, and simultaneously prolongs the service life of the screen at the feeding end; the transmission part is additionally provided with an intermediate transition bearing seat. The intermediate transition bearing seat effectively protects the motor and prolongs the service life of the motor.

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